Please join us this Wednesday morning May 22nd as we wrap up the Spring session of Manschool and we break for the summer.

You’ll hear from Beau Hughes and his thoughts about the Become Good Soil intensive. We’ll go through some reminders of the ground we’ve covered this Spring.  It is amazing at how much territory we’ve covered.  We will also give you three things for your summer.

I think you will find this final session will be very encouraging.

One thought on “Manschool wraps up this Wednesday

  1. Richard, the prayers of protection you highlighted in closing today focus on a foundational truth about our life on Earth: That this is a spiritual world. While we live mostly in the practical, the world we see, our enemy operates primarily in the spiritual realm, the unseen. And spiritual world is more “real” than we can appreciate.

    Guard your heart, mind, and soul. Pray before you go out, pray along the way, pray afterward. Pray for God’s protection against the unseen enemy who seeks to devour your soul.

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