The next Wild at Heart boot camp in Colorado will be October 3-6th.  What a great time of year to venture to Colorado.

We’ve sent 25+ men from Christ Community to these boot camps and they are a key part of the structure of our Manschool ministry.

I invite you to take this to the Father and to be praying if this is something He is nudging you to consider.  The registration for the lottery opens on July 11th so you have a few weeks to be praying about it.  Don’t let the cost deter you at this point.  Push into this with the Father not worrying about the cost.  If you are compelled to attend, I believe the provision will come.

I want to direct this to men that have yet to attend a boot camp.  We can help get you a slot if you have never attended one.

If you have never attended a boot camp and you feel this is something you are led to pursue after prayer, then be sure to register on July 11th.  Once you register, comment on this post and let me know you’ve entered your name.

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