Moses was called up to the mountain top for a “Divine appointment”.  God met him there on that mountain that glowed like it was on fire.  His life was changed for ever.  Humanity was changed forever.  Moses accepted the call and risked much to venture up that mountain.

Here in 2019, life happens.  Things stir and go off the rails very easily.  We get beaten up by work, the demands of home, the feelings of being overlooked.  Spirits of diminishment, shame, worthlessness come over us.  The swamp starts to win and we find ourselves losing the battle with the world.

And then God…

Then, there is a turn.  We’re called out of comfort to risk time away, financial cost and uncertainty and we feel God is nudging us to “more” and we are being called up the mountain.

This is where the Wild at Heart Bootcamp comes in.  My life changed 10+ years ago at my first Bootcamp.  It was a radical turning point in my life.  It was a “Divine appointment” on top of that mountain in Colorado.  God met me there and changed my life.

Registration for the fall Bootcamp is coming up next week.  (see previous post with details)

Is God calling you to venture out?  Are you listening?  Will you respond to the call? 

No one is going to do this for you.  It’s oh so easy to rationalize this away with, “I’m too busy to take this time off” — or — “not now, maybe I’ll go in the future”.  Men, you have NO idea if there will be a future.  Wake up.  Listen.  If God is calling you, respond.  He will meet you there.

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