This past week I’ve had two conversations with men that have been coming to Manschool but that have been absent this year.  They love it.  They see the value.  But, life happens.  The swamp reaches up and grabs you.  Distractions come.  Busyness takes over.  The urgency of the moment.  The tensions at home.  The pressures of work.

The … sheer madness … of this world.

It all conspires to make you think, “I don’t have time to go to Manschool”.

My message to both of those men was very, very simple, “Do not attempt to do your life alone.”  And both men said the same thing, “Yep, I know.  It isn’t working for me”.

There are men you know that you are being nudged to reach out to.  There are men that used to be coming that are now absent and you’ve wondered where they are.

my message is simple to you — GO GET THEM.  Challenge them.  Use the “Don’t do life alone” line on them.  Get them there this week.

Time is short and the insanity of this world is ramping up.  I’m struck with a strong sense that we need to be ultra aggressive in fighting to bring more men into our Tribe.  A storm is coming.  A big one.  We need to be ready and those men need to be ready.

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