here are the slides from this morning > Clear eyes 4 – suffer strong

here is the video – we played from 3:30 – 24:00 >

What are you building your house upon?  It really matters because the storms are coming.  It’s not if they are coming but when.  They are coming.  So, it really matters what you’ve found your house and life upon.  If you found it upon the sand, it will collapse under the storm.  If it is built upon the rock, it will withstand the storm.

Don’t wait to invest your life in what matters.

Then later in the video, Jay who was raised a preacher’s kid, said this – “I ran into the ER and there was my church.  They’d come ahead of me to make manifest this invisible God.  They made God visible to me when the bottom was falling out of my life.  Sitting there in that ER for 16 hours, I experienced true “church” for the first time.   This is what the church gets to give each other – when life smacks you in the face, we get to show up in a way of our presence and our tears.  They showed up in a way that said, “You’re not alone in this pain.  We don’t know what will happen but you’re not going to go through it alone.”

We need Clear Eyes on this – don’t kid yourself.  The storm is coming for you.  You will need Tribe.  It is unwise for you to attempt to do this life as a lone wolf.  Clear eyes.


John Ortberg summed this up so well a few weeks ago … 

Sometimes, a single phone call can change the entire trajectory of your life.  Oftentimes, that call is a crisis.  Storms are going to come.  One day, a phone call will come for you.  It will come for all of us.  One day, news will rock your world.  When the call comes, it will find you in one of two conditions – either mostly in isolation, mostly disconnected from other people, largely on your own emotionally and relationally not sure if there is anyone that you can reach out to. 

Or … it will find you living in community, surrounded by people who know you and love you.  You will eat together, laugh together, cry together and pray, play and struggle together.  You’ve done life together.  And when that storm comes, they will hold you up and strengthen you and support you and keep you together as if by an invisible force, because it is.

The key to this – the time to build community and friendship and connection and spiritual bonds is now.  Because, if you wait for the phone call, it will be too late.  When the storm comes, when everything falls apart, people who live isolated lives feel too awkward to ask for help.  They don’t have the energy at that point to do the work to build community.  They actually will become more and more isolated.  The time to build community is before the call comes.

Maybe you’re not in a crisis.  Maybe you’re feeling pretty self-sufficient right now and that life is going well for you, but I’ll make you two promises.  One, the phone call will come for you.  The day will come when you realize, you need community.  Two, even if you don’t think you need anybody, somebody needs you.  Someone needs your prayer, your touch, your encouragement and your perspective.

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