I need to realize that I am going to lose everything I love in this world.  I’m not taking any of this with me.  Believe me, I love this life – love my work, the building and creating we can enjoy and I love the outdoors and the memories created chasing deer.  But none of it goes with me.

You can keep going and keep chasing “life” in this world.  More adventure, more comfort, more stuff, bigger TVs, nicer cars, more fulfillment, more satisfaction.  Chase all you want, you’re never going to be satisfied.  You never get “there”.  You can have all the sex you ever imagined and it’ll never be enough.  You can have all the money you ever thought you’d need and you’d quickly find out, you want more.  It is always the quest for more, more, more.

For me, personally, this season has been a wake up call of realizing that death is coming and I’m convicted by just how much I am in love with the things of this world.  It is why we are talking about all this this fall at Manschool.  Last week rattled some folks.  Next week, there will be more rattling.  God is shaking us (me).  He’s trying to wake us up. Where is your treasure?  What is it that you value most?  Is it God or is it stuff?  Is it that you be noticed, admired or appreciated?  Is it your reputation?  Or that you will be thought of as brilliant in your profession?  What is it that you are after?

You need to realize that whatever “it” is in your life, if you achieve it, you will lose it.

A radical awareness that all of us are in the process of dying is actually quite healthy spiritually.  Once I realize, once I come to truly know that I am going to lose everything, only then can I turn towards placing all my hope in my inheritance in the Kingdom.

But if I keep hanging onto the “hope” of what I can hold onto here, I will never look to Heaven.  I will keep chasing the false illusion that “enough” can be obtained here.  Even if I accomplish all my wildest dreams and accumulate every toy I ever dreamed of, death is going to steal it all away.  Once I get that and embrace that, then I can turn my eyes towards the LORD and His Kingdom to come.

Jud Bergman was a great athlete growing up.  He was smart, athletic and attractive with many gifts and abilities.  His wife was a beautiful, brilliant writer.  They were devout in their faith.  The LORD blessed them with many things. Jud founded and created the investment technology firm Envestnet.  He was quite successful.  His first wife died of brain cancer and eventually, he remarried.  Another beautiful, charmed lady.  They had “it all” and seven children between them.

We need to wake up to the reality of what is coming for all of us.  


jud bergman

watch this video.  Fast forward to 26:44 minutes in.


One thought on “we need to wake up to the reality…

  1. Time is short, not only for us as individuals but probably for this world. Not to be a profit of gloom and doom but, I agree with Richard that something BIG is on the horizon. Therefore we really need to focus on the things of God and tread lightly on the things of the world.

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