come Wednesday

manschool will meet this Wednesday – the day before Thanksgiving.  We have some great material for you.  Even if you’re not a regular attender and if you’re reading this, I think you should come.

especially as you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday and all that interaction with family … and all that can bring … I think you will find this week’s material particularly helpful.

to make it in this world gone mad, you’ve got to cultivate and invest in a way to sustain your whole-heartedness.  It can be done.  Some of the tools we’ll give you this week will help.

2 Replies to “come Wednesday”

  1. Richard,

    Below is a great article from John Piper about the dangers of what we watch. A young guy writes in and asks if it’s “sinful to watch things that are sinful”. Piper’s answer is worth the 5 minute read.


    Edward L. Curran, MD West Georgia Eye Care Center – The Region’s Multispecialty Eye Care Provider (706) 323-3491 ext 7644

    “Commitment to Excellence, Spirit of Service”

    1. Eddie – the link wasn’t in your comment but I found it on their website. I will use this in future sessions. He’s spot on and I was convicted. thanks for sharing

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