The world as we know it has been disrupted.  Some things may never be the same – certainly for those that will lose loved ones and jobs and businesses as a result of this virus.  We are now isolated and locked down for another 30 days.  Schools are closed. Moms are struggling with a new paradigm of kids at home, working from home and dealing with the fear of the unknown.

We suddenly worry about our business.  We worry about our 401k’s and retirement plans.  We worry about our mortgage and our security.  We worry about our children and our grandchildren and their futures.

So, the question is “what is it that you want now?”  

Some of us just want life to go back to normal.  We crave normalcy, kids back at school, church back in session, business back to normal, fear to be removed, uncertainty taken away, etc.  We just want it to go away.

Others of us want our wealth back.  We want our retirement plans restored to their all-time highs of six weeks ago.  We don’t want to worry about money like we’re doing now.  We just want all our money back.

Others of us crave comfort – we just want our nice, Southern, comfortable life back.  You know – where we don’t worry about all this things and we are just kind of blissfully ignorant.  Sure, we know there are a lot of problems in this life and this world but they kind of seem “out there” or “over there” or “not me”.  Now this thing has landed in our lap and we have no comfort and we want our comfort back.

All of us have a few things right now that we’re craving – things we just wish we could get back.  Things, that if we could get them back, we’d be happy.


God is shaking America and He is waking us up to just how much we value these idols of normalcy, comfort, security and wealth.

When these creature comforts are taken away from us, we realize just how in bondage we are to them for our happiness.  We cling to things not so much because we necessarily “love” them but rather, we are terrified of losing them.

Writer Gerald May said this – “Regardless of how a compulsion appears externally, underneath it is always robbing us of our freedom.  We act not because we have chosen to, but because we have to.  We cling to things, people, beliefs, and behaviors not because we love them, but because we are terrified of losing them.  The classic spiritual term for this compulsive condition is attachment… Each of us has countless attachments.  We are attached to our daily routines, our environments, our relationships, and of course our possessions.  We are also attached to our religious beliefs and to our images of ourselves, others, and God…  In a spiritual sense, the objects of our attachments and addictions become idols.  We give them our time, energy, and attention whether we want to or not, even – and often especially – when we are struggling to rid ourselves of them.  We want to be free, compassionate, and happy, but in the face of our attachments we are clinging, grasping, and fearfully self-absorbed.  This is the root of our trouble.”

We will say more on this in coming posts.  We will end it with this again = what is it that you want right now?  Ask yourself that.  Get alone and sit.  Listen.  Sit on your porch in the evening or early morning.  Sit on your driveway as the sun sets.  Leave your phone inside.  Just sit and commune with God.  Ask God.  Ask Him what it is that you’re craving and very importantly, why.

Some of the idols we most crave have been/are being taken away from us.  What are you left with?  Who are you on the other side of losing those things you thought defined you?

God is shaking us for a reason.  What is it that you want?


3 thoughts on “what do I want?

  1. As has been said before, “Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?” How do you answer? Do you answer with who or with what?

  2. Great article, Richard. It was only a handful of weeks ago you had the slide of the dirt road heading into dark clouds and you spoke about a storm coming. “I don’t know exactly what or when, but I sense a storm coming” you said.


    Derrick is organizing a zoom prayer group for 7-8 am each Mon-Fri morning and another for 530-630 each night, if you’re interested.

    Appreciate all you do, hope all is well at your house.


    Edward L. Curran, MD
    West Georgia Eye Care Center –
    The Region’s Multispecialty Eye Care Provider
    (706) 323-3491 ext 7644
    “Commitment to Excellence, Spirit of Service”

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