Sarah Deutscher of Red Church in Australia recently spoke on the Bridgetown Church podcast I listen to. She said this, “Never before has the whole narrative of the Western world been pulled out from under its feet to such a scale as this. Our idols are being shaken. Our trust levels are being confronted. Anything that is not of God is up for grabs.”

Anything not of God is up for grabs.

Profound. Everything we “know” of America is up for grabs. History is being wiped clean of anything deemed “culturally insensitive”. The triumph of the offended self is raging across our nation. If you are offended, you act. I’m not talking about the racial crisis, I’m speaking of something far deeper at work. There is a raging spirit of offense operating in society. It spreads through Facebook and Twitter. Young people are joining in on anything deemed offensive. To be offended is somehow a noble thing today. Politics is all out war. Media is fueling every bit of this.

A strong brother of mine recently said, “We don’t watch the news or have social media. After traveling all of America and meeting some of the nicest people, we decided all the negative press didn’t represent the true nature of our country. We were sick of watching a slanted and distorted view from a news outlet that was trying to “sell” us what they wanted us to buy (you pick the news outlet, they’re all in the same business).”

He’s spot on. What we’re seeing on MSNBC or Fox News is not the truth. It is spin. What we read on Facebook isn’t real – some young person in Silicon Valley (who is likely offended!) is deciding what you should see, what is “real” and what needs to be purged from their sites because it doesn’t fit with their view of the world.

The truth, the only Truth we have is God’s word. America is spinning out of control and you feel it, you know it. Something radical has changed since the first of the year when we first started talking about this storm coming. The pace of change in society since then is shocking and my friends, I’m afraid this is only the start. We may not know America a year from now but we will know God. He never changes. He is in absolute control.

Habakkuk cried out for God essentially saying, “Where are you? Why do you let this evil persist? How long must I cry out for help but you do not listen?” He asks, “Why do you tolerate wrong doing?”

God answered him, “Look and see and be astounded, for I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.”


God is working. In the midst of the statues being toppled, history being rewritten, cities being taken over by mobs, in the poison of the political wars … God is working. God frequently uses crazy situations for a greater good. His good.

Sarah said in the podcast (and this is important for each of us to ask about the state of our homes let alone our nation) – “There tends to be a cycle when God’s presence comes, He brings renewal and economic, political and social change. People turn to Him in this time of presence and abundance. But, over time, people forget and neglect God’s presence and turn away from Him. The more we turn away from God, the more His presence withdraws. His presence brings life. His absence brings death…

His presence brings life, His absence brings death.

Sarah Deutchser

Think of this in America – we’ve pushed God out of the schools and off TV. We’ve abandoned long held beliefs to adopt godless beliefs that society embraces. We welcome pornography, young children deciding they are the wrong sex, the LGBTQ lifestyle and we are now demanding churches embrace it, we’ve aborted tens of millions of babies out of a lifestyle “choice”. And let me say, when they are done toppling statues, they will turn their attention to the churches. God is offensive to them. Churches that “push” God are, in society’s eyes, pushing hatred, bigotry, homophobia, etc. Don’t be surprised to see legislation passed to remove the tax exempt status of any institution that does not embrace all these alternative lifestyles. Likewise, Christian radio and TV stations will lose their FCC license if they don’t embrace acceptance of all lifestyles. We’ve pushed God away and we can now feel the repercussions. How about your home? What are you watching? What entertains you? How about your children – what are they believing?

Sarah continues – “We’re in the crisis phase of the cycle that is a couple of hundred years in the making. It has seeped its way into the church. Could it be that God is calling His people and His church to give up their idols and turn back to Him?”

As we enter this phase of great social unrest and media frenzy, most of us feel a great deal of unrest. We fear for our nation and our children. Our call is to something different. God is working. God is sovereign and He is in total, absolute control. This world will not survive. America won’t remain the great world power. Our days are numbered – each of us. But God is working. We can rest assured in that. Sarah offered 5 thoughts from Habakkuk’s life …

  1. We should stand to look for and receive what God is saying. We should not run ahead and try to fix it (I will add – especially with the racial unrest).   Nor should we fall back and resign. We should be actively waiting.
  2. We should cry out and call upon God to move and renew
  3. We should embrace the invitation to patience – waiting for the appointed time for God’s move. Wait. It will happen. There is a day.
  4. We should enlarge our perspective – the whole earth will eventually be filled with the knowledge of God. God will have the final word. We trust that and we have a message to share with the world. But we should trust God – our efforts, our control, our quick fixes, our responses and reactions are only fuel for the eventual fire. He will do it. Not us.
  5. Lastly, this is a time for silence and hiddenness and rest. One of the biggest weapons we have is our silence. The LORD is saying He is in His holy temple. May all the earth be silent before Him.

4 thoughts on “in the storm, rest assured…

  1. What is really worrisome to me is it we were seeing the gospel being replaced with a new religion of social justice being preached from the pulpit. Some are even calling it a new religion, and at that word religion I run and hide. A new class of Pharisee is on the rise.

  2. Powerful and I agree. God is shaking our comfort and complacency and forcing us to take sides. “Cultural Christianity” won’t have any space in this scenario. We’ll either be sold out for Him or against Him.
    Also, the quickness of change shouldn’t catch us off guard. It has happened before. Peter said to the early church don’t be surprised at the fiery ordeal at hand. Let’s entrust our souls to Him!

  3. This is spot on. I have been on a Facebook fast for the past week and this will become permanent. Our world is in a tailspin but our God is in control and will right everything in His time. Thankful for the God we have and His Son that loves us enough to provide for us and care about us. In them we have hope and in only them.

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