what is real?

We had an amazing session this past Wednesday. God was moving. A powerful testimony from Jeremiah Means and an authentic, painful question from Al Johnson when faced with the picture of the iceberg and the quote below on bringing the “true you” … Al asked, “How do I do that? How do I find the real? I’ve been this way so long, how do I get to the real?” Beautiful. Raw. Honest. Transparent. Al took the first step towards the real by asking this. We will have much more next week with other stories from the Wild at Heart BASIC boot camp. More probing to Al’s question. Push in here. Much is being exposed.

Everything we do in here is all about recovering your true self.  It is all about restoring your heart and helping you find the man God truly intended you to become.  Lately we’ve been talking about the false self or the Poser and how that hides the real us and how it prevents us from receiving all God has for us.

The Poser is your way of navigating life.  A bruised, wounded boy grows into a man with these false fronts, these poses, these layers of the onion, these ways to live life built on agreements and vows like, “I’ll never be hurt that way again” – or – “I must come through” – or – “I’ve got to present the appearance that I’ve got life figured out”.

That false self is a wall.  It won’t let me in.  It won’t let your wife in.  It won’t let God in.  You’ve figured out life and, as harsh as this sounds, you’re saying to even God Almighty, “I don’t need you, I can do life.”

We talk in here a lot about spiritual warfare to help us realize the battle that is underway and to remind us that we are in a story far larger than the little life we think we lead.  We get beaten up by life and the enemy comes and lies to us and we settle for far less than God has for us.  We do this for restoration.  We do this for freedom and breakthrough and to rediscover our passion for the Lord.

We asked this question a few weeks ago and I wanted to present it to you again this morning….

What would it be like to have so much confidence in who you are that you know, whatever the circumstances and whatever context you find yourself in, that what you brought to the world is the person you truly are, the person that God made you to be?

THAT is the goal — or — we can continue live this way…

You know this man.  He’s a poser.  He is a caricature of a man.  He hides behind his façade of having it all figured out. 

You and I fear exposure.  We fear failure.  “I was afraid so I hid”.  Every one of us is a poorly constructed version of authentic masculinity.  We all wear a fig leaf.  Your false self – the 10% above the water line you let us see – is mature and sophisticated.  You’ve practiced building this façade that protects you in a way.  It gains you some applause.  It helps you avoid feeling exposed.  We all fear being found out.

It is idolatry.  It is a way of making life work … without God.  I heard a pastor say this weekend If God is one of your 17 choices, odds are, He’s going to let you try all those other choices.  When God is your only way, your only choice, then He’ll show up.”

Same is true with the false self.  As long as we’re content to fake it and stay with the 10% above the surface, we’re putting the idol of self and self-preservation ahead of God.

Will you keep hiding, keep posing or will you take the step of faith of giving that up? Will you allow God (and us) access to the hidden parts of you? Will you admit you’ve been faking it a LONG time? Will you cry out for the “more”, the deeper, the real, the authentic?

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