We played Reckless Love this morning. Jesus leaves the 99 to come for the 1. All of us, like sheep, have gone astray. God NEVER stops pursuing us. He chases us down, fights until we are found. I don’t earn it, I don’t deserve it yet HE still gave Himself away. What we are doing right now in Manschool is powerful. We are hearing stories and seeing examples of God coming for us.

Morgan says in chapter 3, “To become a king, we must give our strength to the sacred work of excavating before we can participate with God in the process of building in His way and in His time.”

This is what happened last week.  Through Jeremiah’s story and Al’s question, we began the process of excavating, digging out the false so we can reach bedrock and begin to let God build the true in us.

Morgan continued, “While this ancient truth was knocking at my door, I had yet to become the kind of man what has ears to hear it or a heart to receive it.  I was spending most of my energy tinkering with my outer world, trying to change other people so I could feel better, trying to make life work.  All the while, I had largely chosen to ignore my inner world – the world to which God most deeply wanted to draw my attention.  The external world is easier to access, to measure, to evaluate.  The inner world takes time, curiosity, and, above all, an honesty we often won’t consider employing until the pain is more than we can bear.”

(Click on the link above to read the story of Jeremiah’s walk up the mountain)

What God did for Jeremiah on that mountain was an “inner world” work.  By agreeing to accept the help of those men to carry him up that mountain, Jeremiah consented to the process of becoming true.  He had to surrender a part of his false self.  The pose in him that pushed people away.  He had ears to hear what God was trying to say to him and a heart to receive it.  God’s breakthrough miracle power came down and it is changing Jeremiah’s story.  

Likewise, Al’s questions were the beginning of the inner work.  It is the willingness to go below the surface, go beneath the pose, being willing to admit “I’ve done this so long, I don’t even know what true is anymore.”   That is the vital first step. 

And what we heard this morning from those brave men that stepped up to share their story was the second step. These men were peeling back the layers and opening their hearts and consenting to the process of letting God come in to excavate out wounds, poses, false self’s. Ray boldly asked his family “what is my effect on you?”. Matt joined us for the first time from LaGrange and said that while he is an iceberg he also realizes an iceberg is also an island – that he is an island, isolated, alone, pushing people away. Gary said, in effect, the same thing.

DO YOU SEE IT? God is literally working right in front of our eyes in these men! How holy! How glorious!

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