I’m struck by the “name” or the “theme” of this year = “Deep Roots. Mighty Oaks”. Let us not lose sight of this. We invited you into a deep work last fall. The process of digging into this material. It is an agreement that if I want the mighty oak, I’ve got to be open to digging in to get to the good soil so my roots can grow to nourish that oak. It isn’t easy nor is it quick. If you just want the mighty oak without the work, good luck. If you don’t have time to dig deep, to take the hard look, you’ll come up empty. Sadly, that is what most do and it is why we find so many shallow men today. Good men – no doubt – but they are not willing to stop to go deep and, as a result, they won’t bear the fruit.

Today was a PHD class in the material. Weighty. Challenging. Authentic. It is not for the faint of heart or the man who only has one foot in the room and one foot out the door. This is for the man who wants the “more” and who is willing to take a good hard look under the surface of his life.

Al Johnson took us there with his question a few weeks ago. Ray Honea stepped into the deeper waters by asking his family …

For many of us, these truly are deep waters. We are just becoming “aware that we need to be aware”. We’ve never considered our effect on others. We operate out of a deeply wounded place of believing, “It is all up to me” or “I need to make it happen” or simply, “I’m just behind”. Out of that place we go out into the world seeking the answer to our question and it ends up a mess.

And so now … this. Now we’ve peeled back the facade and we’re exposing what lies beneath. We are seeing there is much, much more to our story and how we navigate it and how our false self operates and the damage that does.

Morgan’s story in the below video captures much of this. We are deeply honored he would invest his time in us. You’re going to want to watch this one a few times to let it sink in.


We will push into this video deeper next week.

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