when was the last time you had fun?

Here is what Manschool “is” – we are a tribe of men who gather to fight through the noise of life and the warfare so that we can fight for one another. We are a tribe. We are a community. We are warriors. We are seeking to building mighty oaks of men who can withstand the storms that will come so that we can build homes/families centered on God. We want to make a difference. We want marriages who can withstand any storm. We want strong, mature, thriving kids.  We want businesses built for the long haul.  If we want to be men with vision, we must be men with focus. We are students of what it means to be a Godly man. We are trying to build men of lasting value. Men of oak...

Here is what Manschool is “not” – we are not a church. I am no preacher. The religious spirit that weighs men down with a bunch of “do not” or “you can’t” or “you must” is not welcome. Not everything we say will be precisely, theologically correct. We may talk about smoking cigars or even say the four-lettered word “beer”. We don’t intend on offending anyone but that said, we’re not going to hold back. We’re going to bring the real. We go after tough, tough things. We fight for each other – warts and all.

This website is not a church website. This is a narrative of conversations we’re having among brothers.

There, that’s out of the way. Not entirely sure why I felt the need to lay that out but I followed the nudge. Let me ask you this … when was the last time you had fun? I mean real fun. Stupid fun. When was the last time you and a bunch of buddies just got together and cut up and laughed so hard that your sides hurt? When was the last time you shot a bottle rocket at someone … just for fun. Or threw a water balloon at someone? Or hopped on your kid’s or a buddy’s dirt bike and just took off? “Oh that’s just stupid boy stuff. We’re men here, come on, what are you doing?” Perhaps. But maybe not. Stay with me.

The United States is the world’s richest, most successful, most dynamic economy … ever in the history of mankind. There are more opportunities here than any other place on earth. Great healthcare, great colleges, SEC football (I mean, come on, there is nothing like it), golf courses all over everywhere, the Rocky mountains, the beaches. America is an amazing place. Yet with all that wealth and quality of life, America ranks 14th in the world of happiest nations. 14th! Canada is ahead of us. Israel is ahead. Israel which sits in a desert with raging enemies on all sides seeking to destroy them. Israel where parents instruct kids on how to put on gas masks. Israel is a happier place than America.

America is the leader in per capita prescriptions of anti-depressants. Suicide is a huge factor in American life. Successful people blowing up families over affairs. Domestic violence. School shootings. Crime in general. Additions. Porn addictions. In these kinds of categories, it seems America is a worldwide leader or a close second.

97% of Americans think having fun on a regular basis is important but less than 50% of those respondents report that they pursue fun on a regular basis as a habit of life. The ramifications of this are huge and they are obvious. We are more stressed out than ever before, more worried than ever before. We are more prone to disease and we are less healthy. (Get a rucksack, strap on a 20 pound brick and get your butt moving … and do pullups!) Life expectancy in America has actually been declining these past few years. Out of 220 nations, America is ranked 43rd for average life expectancy. 43rd!

Life is not working in America. We talk all the time about addiction to iPhones, to the clear and present danger of social media to our health, our children’s mental health, and the stability of this society. Hatred and division are rampant in America. We talk all the time about the dangers of Fox News/MSNBC. As we talked this Wednesday morning, you have been taken to Babylon and you are being reprogramed whether you realize it or not.

And so now, what about fun? Could it be that not regularly engaging in fun is contributing to the decline in your physical, emotional and psychological health? Could the lack of fun be contributing to the decline of your spiritual health? Could “fun” or the lack of it in your life be one of the things the Father has for you that either the religious spirit of the church, the pressures of society, or the American worth ethic has removed from your life? I ask again, when was the last time you got together with buddies and just did something really fun? Like maybe grown men hopping on a tricycle to race down a hill while the community throws water balloons at you?

We are pushing into some radical areas of thought in the process of discovering where we might meet the Father. I am one of the worst offenders in this realm and the lack of play shows in my disposition and demeanor. It is time to lighten, loosen up and enjoy. It’s time to play. More on this on Wednesday morning.

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  1. playing golf using an electric motorcycle on a top 100 golf course sure was a lot of fun!

    On Thu, Oct 7, 2021, 10:08 AM Deep Roots. Mighty Oaks. wrote:

    > LiveUP1 posted: ” Here is what Manschool “is” – we are a tribe of men who > gather to fight through the noise of life and the warfare so that we can > fight for one another. We are a tribe. We are a community. We are warriors. > We are seeking to building mighty oaks of men” >

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