for your Thanksgiving

Briefly – I mentioned this morning Brian Tome’s podcast where he is interviewing a historian about the history of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is under attack by the “woke” culture who say the holiday glorifies the slaughter of native American’s. It is simply not true. The first settlers from the Mayflower befriended Samoset and his Tribe and they signed a treaty that lasted well over 50 years. Samoset and Squanto showed the British how to farm, how to fish those waters and how to take a deer. But anyway …

Did you know that once the British had landed (500 miles north of their intended destination) that Samoset eventually emerged from the tree line (he was 6 foot 4 inches tall) and he approached the leader of the small group and greeted them … in english … and asked them if they had brought any beer with them. Seriously. Imagine the providence of God that these folks landed 500 miles north of their intended destination, cold, scared, starving (with 60 women and children) and fearful of the native Americans … to have their first encounter with a giant warrior who spoke their language and wanted to help them. Only God could have arranged that.

If you’re intrigued, you can listen to it here…

That might be a great listen for you and your family on the way today or tomorrow to Grandmom’s house.

Also, this morning, we showed a clip from Tome’s bike trip up to Phantom Lake. The entire series is on YouTube. Here is today’s session. We’ll come back later with a more detailed note on what we discussed today.

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