Morgan says after a long evening of being Super Dad, that while he looked pretty good on the outside, on the inside, everything was doing was motivated by exhaustion and a desperate need for relief.  As he cranked through the evening, he focused on getting the kids to bed so he could grab a beer in front of the fire.  He had rushed through the to-do list, but he had missed … everything.  He took care of the needs of his kids, but he had completely missed being present with them.  “I was there.  But I wasn’t there – at all.”  Too tired, too distracted by the many cares of his kingdom.

How fast do you move?  How driven are you?  What are you missing when you wife talks to you?  What are missing when your daughter comes and says, “Dad I need to talk to you”?  What are missing when your grandchild stands in front of you talking to you while you’re watching the SEC Championship game?  What are you missing in the lobby of the church when a friend is talking to you?

Where are you?  Much of this is determined by how fast we are moving.  Breathe.  Slow down.  Three long steady breaths in.  Three long steady breaths out.  Slow your pace.  Slow your heart.  Listen.

What if the greatest gift you could give your family, to your kingdom this Christmas is you, the truest you?  It can be done in three simple, heroic steps and honestly, this is a GREAT thing to prioritize in December…

Go Slower.

Do Less.

Love more.

What if we practiced this in December? As crazy as this month can be – that we would be intentional to “choose rest, prioritize play, exercise being still, nourishing our hearts with great books, great worship, a few great friends, and some great outdoor adventures.”

The choice is yours.  Do the crazy world thing around Christmas — or — to try something radical this year – slow it down, enjoy it, love more, listen more… play more.

“When we are busy, the Father is quiet.”

Richard Swenson defined margin as the space that exists between our load and our limits.  Specifically, it is the discrepancy between the load you are carrying and your capacity to carry that load.  In a culture and an atmosphere with no limits, what little margin we had has simply evaporated.  Unless you have a fierce resolve and intentionality to fight for limits – you will be plagued by the prevailing culture.

Krathumbaen, Samut Sakhon,Thailand-February 20,2018:This pickup truck stores all of the items so overweight, causing the truck to separate from the rest of the driver.The accident happened.

If you create margin – that is where you can expect the unexpected.  You clear room for God.  The man that would know God must give time to God.  Margin is the consent for God to move in our lives in ways we have not planned for or expected.  But unless I clear space for it to happen, it won’t.  We are reminded that no one else will take care of our souls.  It is up to us.  We reap what we sow.

A life without care for the soul is simply an unsustainable life. Will you commit to the “slow” for the rest of December? Go slower. Do Less. Love more.

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