3 weeks of frontier

I remind and challenge you again … this Decemberthese next 3 weeks

Go slower. Do less. Love more.

It is a radical challenge. Seriously, I mean that. To even attempt to do this in the month of December is wildly counter-cultural. Much of what we’re meant to do in the Christian life is precisely supposed to be counter-cultural. The culture is all about “more and more, gimme, gimme, gimme” and “finding self”. Christianity is the process of dying. Dying to self. Dying to being “self made”. Dying to lust and envy and greed and money and possessions.

So this challenge is a dying to doing the things the world tells us we must do in this season. I encourage you to dare greatly these next 3 weeks. Just 3 weeks! Slow your pace. Don’t run through yellow lights. Take the lowest seat at the table. Say “no” to things – even good things. Pick up a good book, turn off the TV and read. Get outside … every day … no matter how cold, windy or rainy it is. Pass on opportunities. Release outcomes. Be a son. Trust your Father. Slow your pace, let your soul catch up to you. Do less things. Do less responsibilities. Love more.

All we are talking about these past few weeks is cultivating a way of becoming. As Morgan says, it is 2 degree shifts – meaning, it is gradual. But take the important first step. Move that small degree. Do something new. It truly is a “process of becoming”. To build a habitat where your soul can thrive, you’ve got to slow the pace.  Be kind to yourself.  Release outcomes or believing that “all of life is up to me”.  It isn’t.  Very little of it is up to you.  You are a son not an orphan.  It takes a long season to just get to the point where you can even believe that you are, indeed, a son.

“The spiritual life cannot ever be made suburban.  It is always frontier.  Those of us who choose to live in it must not only accept but even rejoice that it remains untamed.”  Howard Macey

Frontier? Yes, meaning to do what it is we are attempting means we must push boundaries. We must move into areas where we are not comfortable. It is cutting the ties with comfortable. There is amazing growth in the frontier. It is leaving the former ways behind and trusting the Father in the new ways He has for us. It is doing what I can – in my own limited power – to make my self accessible to receive from God what I can’t manufacture on my own.

Go slower. Do less. Love more. It is a radical “frontier” move. Will you commit to it?

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