childlike wonder

She is our only granddaughter and like our two small grandsons, we adore her. I adore her. She is the apple of my eye. She’s “my most favorite” and so are my grandsons – when those little dudes see me, I want them feeling and knowing, “I’m his most favorite”. They are secure in that love. But for today, let’s use her as the illustration.

She’s not “perfect” … after all, she’s 2 1/2 but, nonetheless, she is my most favorite. I delight in her. All I see in her is her potential, her future, her basketball/cheerleading/dance, her high school years, first car, first love, her wedding, her children. I dream great dreams for her and delight in the prospects of what is to come in her life and through her.

Look at the delight in her face. At this point of her little life, she knows nothing of true disappointment, fear, rejection, hatred. About all she experiences is love. She walks into our house expectant of walking into a house that adores her. She is safe with us. She is secure in our love. It is one thing she can count on even though she may not fully understand that yet.

She delights in me. I delight in her. There is nothing in the way of our love. No sin has creeped in. No doubt. At this point, it is pretty pure.

If you’re reading this, you must know the Father, the Creator, the Alpha & Omega, the King of Kings … feels exactly the same way … about you. Nothing you have done or will do changes any of it. That look on her little face is the same delight, same childlike wonder, same excitement the Father feels for you. Nothing has ever changed about how much He loves you or what He thinks about you.

But we don’t believe it any more. Rather than being and believing we are His sons and He has absolute delight in us (He created us … after all), we’ve become orphans. We feel abandoned. How can He delight in me when I’ve screwed up so badly, so many times? If I’m lucky, He tolerates me but shakes His head as He does. The enemy has come in between this love relationship and we’ve believed all the lies. No longer do I look at Him with utter delight and joy. I am fearful. I am bitter. I am judgmental. I’ve forgotten much of who I was originally intended to be. Narnia has been invaded and a dark, toxic, nuclear cloud of hate, division, lust, greed, hatred and fear has enveloped the atmosphere making the air almost impossible to breathe. And through all that haze of death, it has become very hard to see a Father delighting in me or being pleased with me.

But in all this … nothing zero … has changed about the look of delight and wonder and glee in the Father’s eye towards us. He adores us. We are His most favorite. The problem is we’ve forgotten and we’re lost in the attack of the enemy who despises the Father and fears what we can become in Him.

To get you back, He gave it all to ransom you from hatred. Jesus invaded the earth and forever took away the power of death. The Father has absolute delight in His Son. He sent His Son to save the world, to save you. When the Father sees you now, He sees his Son.

To turn your life around right now, it is as simple as forever rejecting the notion that you are an orphan. That language must forever exit your vocabulary. Refuse to be/think/act as an orphan. “No, that’s a lie. I’m not an orphan. I am a son and I will live as a son.” It is once again accepting the fact that you are His son. It was the language you were programed with when you came to life but you’ve lost it. We can restore our belief in sonship. Beat me, take my car, take my house, take my money, take my reputation, take my health, take it all … but you can never take away the fact that I am His son and He looks at me in the same way I delight in my granddaughter. 100%. Unshakable. Undeniable.

Recapture that childlike wonder that is planted deep within your DNA. The Father adores you. He delights in you. He is thrilled with you. Believe it.

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