Which life is yours…

What are you practicing?  What is your plan for 2022? What are you going to different this year to connect with God?

There is a reason why we continue to ask these questions.  It is vitally important.  Time is short.  There is a mission to fulfill.  You are called to a purpose.   You were made for a purpose.  That purpose is opposed.  You are opposed.  The enemy does not want you to train into the warrior God intends for you to become.  We are in the process of men becoming.  This is why we say it is necessary for you to get around a “small group of big men, strong men.”

What are you doing to prepare yourself to step into the role God has for you? 

Are you asking yourself this question?

The things that overwhelm us and rob of us of intimacy with God don’t usually show themselves as great spiritual threats aiming to rob us of our destiny.  They just seem like well … life.  Travel sports on the weekend rob the family of regular spiritual connection in church.  Season 3 of Breaking Bad on Netflix takes time away from listening to our neighbors.  Relentlessly checking social media cultivates envy and erodes compassion.  These things subtly seduce us and gradually distort our vision of life. 

They take up the space required for the gospel to thrive.

Our lives can look like this (good soil).  Like the seed, the gospel takes time to bear fruit in our lives.  The gospel, the Word of God, your life with Jesus, takes intentional cultivation on your part.  The worries and deception of the world don’t storm in; they sneak in.  But once they are present, they start to strangle us and shift us from having an eternal focus to an immediate focus.  They distort and disorder our priorities.  It is hard to think about eternity and the kingdom of God when you are gasping for air.  It is hard to think at all during cultural asphyxiation.  It is hard to focus on the Kingdom if you have eight sales calls to make, four reports due by the end of the week, little league practice after work, dozens of emails to answer.  You get it.  You and I live in a toxic and all-consuming world. The result is that our lives look more like this …

Your life and my life are probably best represented by this picture, not the first one.  Don’t get me wrong, it is well intentioned.  The crop was planted.  But, the busyness of life, the crushing demands of technology, the beaming in of worldly culture into our homes, cruising social media, inviting in pornography into your home, working too many hours, feeling like we are always behind, feeling like we’re never enough.  We get swallowed up.  It is sort of life planting your garden and not tending to it.  If you plant a garden in April and don’t come back to it until June, you’ll have a mess on your hands.

The contrast between those two pictures is stark. Oh how I want my life to look that first field. Carefully constructed, the weeds that choke off life have been removed and I’ve made the space and time for the Gospel to take root and thrive. Jesus said He came to bring abundant life. That first field, given a few months time, will indeed produce a bountiful harvest. God created you for Kingdom work. Life beyond “self”. If my days are ordered, if my priorities are in place, if I’ve given the Gospel room in my life, I can step into those bold places of ministry He gives me. But if my life is cluttered with weeds choking life, I simply won’t have the time or the gas in my tank to take on “yet another thing”.

Which life do you want to live?

One Reply to “Which life is yours…”

  1. Richard, after reading your post (which is a really good word–thank you), I read this from Desiring God–a great postscript to your piece:


    Eddie [https://dg.imgix.net/the-contagion-of-cowardice-uu1tv4ns-en/landscape/the-contagion-of-cowardice-uu1tv4ns-2fe2006eff1b937387351d5736ff5347.jpg?ts=1643144322&ixlib=rails-4.2.0&fit=crop&w=250&h=140]

    The Contagion of Cowardice | Desiring God http://www.desiringgod.org God requires a lot of men in the church. The enemies are real, and the risks are great. Will we trust God enough to lay aside our fears?


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