Finish Strong (part 1)

This is basically a summary of all we’ve done over the past 60 sessions (yes, 60!) around the theme “Deep Roots. Mighty Oaks” and as we’ve worked through Becoming a King. It is also, essentially, a summary of everything we’ve done over the past 12 years at Manschool. This will come in 3 posts and it centers on a fully restored man comfortable under authority.

We live in a culture that deeply values self-sufficiency and is steeped in self-determination.  Our culture cherishes the icon of the self-made man, and we spend most of our energy building, protecting, and preserving our personal kingdoms.  Most of us have come to resent being under authority, because our experiences have confirmed the message that being under authority causes harm and constricts liberty. 

Yet the kingdom of God is fundamentally different from the fallen kingdom of this world.  The kingdom of God prizes our willful consent to make the goodness, truth, and beauty of the True Authority be our ultimate refuge and seat of inextinguishable strength.Morgan Snyder

The power of Jesus’ life flowed through His union with the Father.  He was dependent, not self-sufficient.  Jesus wholeheartedly consented to His Father’s leadership over His life and from that strength, the impossible was made possible.

Jesus knew He was an apprentice and grew for decades until His time came.

He knew He was a warrior, bearing the image of the Father, who would prevail against evil.

He knew He came from Heaven and was returning to Heaven, so he could serve from the lowest seat at the table.

I think if I had one key thing to share with you, one major takeaway I’ve received in all my work through this material and the material of Wild at Heart – something I repeat to myself all the time — it is this …

An orphan runs off and makes life work on his power.  He doesn’t submit to authority.  Authority has burned him too many times, wounded him too often.  An orphan chases life and validation in one thing after another.  A son is a very different kind of man.  A son has a settled peace.  A son is happily under authority of his Father.  A son trusts his Father.  A son releases outcomes to his Father and finds great freedom in who God created him to become.

All through this process, we’ve asked the questions…

Who am I becoming?

What work is God up to in me, beneath the waterline of my life?

Will I consent to the work God is doing in this process of becoming?

What am I doing to create a [secret life] so I can get more of God into more of me?

“The most important thing in your life is not what you do; it is who you become.  That’s what you will take into eternity.” 

Dallas Willard

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