off the grid

Five days off the grid. The compounding stress of life and the warfare waging all out war against my soul had taken its toll. Colorado was a time to escape. 160+ men there to get away from the world and to do deep soul work with the Father.

The most radical thing of the entire trip was they took my phone away from me. “Call your wife, tell her you love her and you’ll check back in with her on Sunday”. Boom. Off the grid. Out of the matrix. No news. No ESPN app. No checking the stock market, trail cameras or college football news. No work. No emails. No text messages. No social media.

Nothing. Nada.

Detox. No one could get me and I didn’t have the pacifier of my phone to reach for when my brain needed some stimulation. It was glorious. I cannot tell you how freeing it was to be freed of the bondage. I highly encourage you to try this. It will tell you a LOT about the condition of your soul and just how tightly tied you are to the world.

Most of us have a three-day weekend coming up. Try it. Turn it off this Friday after work and don’t turn it back on until Tuesday morning. You will be amazed at just how hard this is to detach yourself from the world … but … if you do it, you will be even more amazed at just how glorious it is to be free of it.

Wear the world lightly

One Reply to “off the grid”

  1. I can relate . . . 12 month Teen Challenge’s discipleship program without cellphone . . . Holy Spirit revealed many deep rooted issue . . . God the Great Physician. The program included Wild at Heart. God is so good.

    Serving Christ in the community of Dublin, GA now.

    Hello to my Columbus friends.


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