battle of the mind …

I battle in my mind all the time. My personality type tends to cause me to live my life up in my brain vs. from my heart. I think … too much.

Of late, the battle in my mind has been intense. At times, I feel like I’m bordering on depression. As I’ve aged, my quirks have grown stronger. That’s OK. God created us all uniquely. As Morgan says, “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work” and that phrase has really helped me embrace my unique quirkiness.

Today, I’ve battled even more strongly. It was a beautiful fall morning and I was able to grab 15 minutes in my camp chair on the porch of my office watching the sunrise. Today is the 23rd. Proverbs 23 verse 7 …

for as he thinks within himself, so he is.

Read His Word. It speaks.

What are you hearing in your mind? Who are you listening to? If you start to focus on “I don’t fit in” — or — “I’ll never be successful” — or — “I’ll never get past that failure in my life” — or — “People aren’t drawn to me” … whatever it is, in that battle of your mind, if you start to agree with and think it to yourself over and over, eventually, you will become it.

You have a choice. Will you believe the lies in your mind or will you believe the truth of what God the Father thinks about you? (read the last post, He is madly in love with you)

Believe the Truth!

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