The call seems so clear. We are called to help men “live UP”. UP to a higher standard. UP to pursuing our wives and battling for them. UP for standing firm in our faith and fighting to defend our culture from the onslaught. UP to being men of integrity – integrity with our money, our time, our work ethic, our kids, our wives, to sexual purity. UP in our desire to fight for those less fortunate. UP for standing for what is right and UP in a passionate pursuit of Jesus. UP is even in things like getting in physical shape, pursuing bold adventures, building a community of men vs. fighting this battle alone. All the pieces seem to be coming together. Men need a battle cry. We need a higher vision. We need boldness. Eldredge says “Something immensely dangerous is unfolding around us”. It is attacking our wives, attacking our children and spreading hopelessness across our nation. We need to call to action. We men need to wake UP.