Chip Gaines … shapeshifting …

This is from Chip Gaines (HGTV’s Fixer Upper) new book “No Pain. No Gaines.” Right in the middle of us talking about the false self and posing, this comes along. As you read this, you will see how the false self was formed in him – how he took on whatever personality he thought would appeal to the crowd. And we can see how his wife called it out in him and how he developed his “non-negotiables” for life. Even in knowing who he is, he still fell into the temptation to pose on the red carpet. That’s the thing about your false self – it is well crafted and perfected and you’ve been leaning on it a long time. Just because we have exposed it doesn’t mean it will give up without a fight. It is a life-long process to crucify the false in us. Here is what he says…

I spent a decent portion of my life as an imposter, taking my cue from others about who I should be.  It sounds bad, but I was good at it.  I was good at fitting in, good at seeming like I belonged no matter what the scene.

In 6th, 7th and 8th grade, I was in a popular crew of kids who people wanted to be around.  I learned how to “shapeshift” (his word of the false self) with the best of them, adopting the lingo, the laugh, the look of anyone I wanted to fit in with.  I even wore boat shoes and tied a sweater around my neck one time, just to try out-country-club the actual country club kids.  I practiced shapeshifting all through high school.  Obviously, there was a pretty significant insecurity hiding beneath those polo shirts.  I started to believe that people were far more interested in their own version of me than the real me.

As human beings we can get pretty creative about coming up with multiple personalities, taking cues from what other people seem to want.  You look around to other people for evidence of who you should be.  You laugh at something you don’t think is funny because other people are laughing at it.  You pretend to like a band you hate or act like you hate a band you love.  You wear sunglasses everyone else is wearing.  These are small things, but it’s death by a thousand papercuts to your sense of self.  If you keep it, it’s easy to forget who you really are.

My personality muscle had become so conditioned to create new identities that I continued to generate new versions of myself throughout college.   I was still focused on being the guy everybody liked.  Fortunately, my imitation act took its final bow soon after I met Joanna Stevens.  She didn’t seem to want a made-to-order version of me.  She saw all through that nonsense.  After we’d been dating a while, Jo sat me down and told me she needed to know who it was she’d be marrying.  It became clear how easily this charade could destroy my chance of a life with this woman.  You cannot substitute in something artificial without compromising the integrity of the whole deal.

Jo’s question forced me to drop the act and take up the task of discovering who I really was.  I had to peel back all those crappy layers I’d accumulated and carried around with me since childhood so I could see what was really there from the beginning.  Once I could clearly see the difference between what was fake and what was real, these qualities became my non-negotiables: the strength of my faith, my dedication to my purpose, my love for my family, my commitment to who I am.

Identify your non-negotiables, and all those made-up layers fall away.  Then you start building from there.  But peeling off layers you’ve worn for a long time is not easy.  What you find underneath might be pretty unappealing at first – pale from the lack of exposure to sunlight, weak from lack of use.  But ultimately you were given the stuff under there to hold you up and help you move through the world.  Once that outer protective layer is gone, and you get used to moving around without it, there’s no feeling as beautiful and free.

Two years ago, Jo and I were selected on the Time Magazine Time 100 list along with LeBron James, Michele Obama and Taylor Swift.  Stepping out of the limo was like entering the Twilight Zone.  Cameras, paparazzi, red carpet, the works.  We kept saying to ourselves, “how are we qualified to be here?”

Chip outside his comfort zone and putting on the false self

A reporter asked me “Chip, what art has influenced you and Joanna over the past six months?”  My inner voice was silent.  I tried to come up with a name.  Who painted the Mona Lisa?  The Sistine Chapel?  Anything?  My head spun.  I came up with nothing.  Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zip.  It was all over by midnight and we went back to our hotel like a pair of zombies.  In the fog, we sat on the bed and asked each other, “What just happened?  Why do we feel like we just got kicked in the face?”

I’d let the idea of what that answer was supposed to look like get in the way of an answer that came from me, from my heart.  I should have just laughed and said, “Man, I’m a construction guy from Waco, Texas.  My idea of a work of art is a perfect three-bedroom house.  If you’re talking about painting, you wanna see the one my kid did that we have hanging on the fridge?”  I should have gone back to what defines me as a person, my values, my non-negotiables.  I don’t care much about art or fancy parties or awards.  I care that my kids think I’m a good dad.  I care that I am a good husband to my wife.  I care that my business is strong and that we are raising up and training leaders.

The authentic Chip Gaines

What leads us to believe that the original of who we are isn’t enough?  Who was it in your life who convinced you that you need layers of camouflage to be worthy of acceptance?  What passing comment started out as a “note to self” but turned into a false identity?

Each time we concede to someone else’s opinion of us, or we willingly buy into some lesser truth or inaccurate picture of who we are, what we’re really doing is surrendering our purpose.  I believe that when we abandon our true purpose, the thing God made us to do, we’re not the only ones who suffer.  There’s a ripple effect.  It really does change everything for everyone.


At 50 years old, I outsourced my yard. 25+ years of doing my own yard, spending my weekends doing it, etc. and at 50, I just said “I’ve had enough”.  So, I hired a man to take it on and he’s done a far better job than I ever could have. He’s a professional and knows what he’s doing. There’s no shame in this for me. I fought the good fight and knew it was time to hang up my cleats and move on to other things that I enjoy like hunting.

But in this Covid shutdown craziness we’re living in, I noticed it was taking a real toll on me. How about you? How are you doing in this? I’m starting to hear from more of you and the answer is “not so well”.  Let’s think about this for a minute – back in the fall, we spent a lot of time talking about technology and social media and just how destructive it was for us. That the iPhone, as great as it is, has served the purpose of accelerating our lives, speeding them up and making us “on call” 24/7 to our world. It is not good for your soul. We asked the question (and it is more relevant today than ever), “What are you doing to care for your soul?” The care of your soul is 100% up to you – no one on the outside is going to prioritize your soul. It is between you and the Holy Spirit.

And then … Covid. Covid has been a DISASTER for the human soul. Isolation is terrible for us, we’re made for Tribe and community and Covid has driven us into isolation. Suicides are way up, marriages are breaking up at a record pace and demand for depression/anxiety meds are way up. We know that and we know the cost. Just look at Manschool. How long has it been? When will we ever be able to get back to normal Manschool? How bad do we miss it? This pandemic is wreaking havoc on the world.

And remember … we said “A storm is coming …” (please see these slides back from February

Note – if you want to dig deeper, click on the tag “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts” and you can access all the posts on this topic especially those since January. But in isolation and working from home, perhaps you go back to the Fall and pick up this series and read through those posts.

Back to technology – Covid is a genetically modified super killer bug perfectly designed to push us even further into technology. “Zoom calls”? None of us had ever been on one or probably even heard of them in late 2019 but here we are. Isolation? Drives us further into our iPhones. It drives us further into social media. It pushes further into our respective camps of either Fox News or MSNBC. Liberal or Conservative. Love Trump or Hate Trump.

Do you see what the enemy, the foul one is doing here? He is dividing with the hope of conquering.

And all of this is the fuel for the social upheaval and racial tensions we are now living with. The dried wood was sitting there, the gas was being poured on it … all we needed was a trigger. And … BOOM. Pushing all of us into isolation, pushing us all into dependency on social media and 24/7 news, separating us from even a hug from a friend or even being able to see a smile on someone’s face behind their mask is, quite simply, destroying us.

If … we let it.

And so, my yard. We’ve spent a lot of time on our back porch this summer. It is where we watch church on Sunday and relax with the dogs or play with our grand kids. It’s where we do life these days. For a few weeks, I kept looking at this spot in my yard where big gardenia bushes had started to fade into their final days. 15 years and they were just fading. I kept getting this nudge to do something about it. The Spirit was telling me to create something.

On the long and very hot July 4th weekend, I decided to act upon the nudge and set out to extract those dug in bushes from the ground. Several trips to Tomar and Lowe’s. Plans formulated in my mind. My yard needed some color and I needed to seize mastery over a little plot of land and I needed to create. God put in us the drive to create. It is holy. Man invents, man creates and it is God’s design and His plan as we discover this world He created.

I think it pushed 100 degrees that Saturday but I spent about 8 hours out in the blazing South Georgia heated swinging an ax and digging those bushes out…

I was worn out by the end of the day and only 1/2 way through the project. Sunday, I hit it again. Soaking wet and covered in dirt, it was a good tired and the job was finished and some color came to my yard…

It is finished…

Is it perfect? No. It simply does not matter. This is the product of isolation, frustration, a bit of anger, and some visioning. More importantly, it is the product of disengaging from media and responding to the nudging of the Spirit. It is listening to my Father and responding to His call. He had something for me in this – some purpose in the creating. I don’t take any pride in this and could care less what anyone else thinks of it – it was something … for me, from the Father.

How are you in this environment? What are you doing to keep your sanity, to hear the Father, to create, to dream, to exert, to push boundaries? Let me hear from you and I’ll pass along what I hear in another post.

When we said, “A storm is coming”, could you have imagined then what all would happen in just 6 months? A pandemic? 20+ million Americans unemployed? Mandatory “shelter in place” orders? All of us wearing masks? No baseball? Perhaps no SEC football? Spewing hatred all over social media and the news? Race wars? Statues being torn down? Tear gas across the street from the White House? I could keep going but all of this in just 6 months.

There is an enormous shaking going on in our world. Soul care is more important today than any other time I can remember. Never before have we faced so much turmoil and your soul pays the price if you’re not daily fighting for the space where your soul can be refueled by the Father. Guys, you’re going to have to fight for all of this.

So, back to my question, what are you doing to care for your soul?

in the storm, rest assured…

Sarah Deutscher of Red Church in Australia recently spoke on the Bridgetown Church podcast I listen to. She said this, “Never before has the whole narrative of the Western world been pulled out from under its feet to such a scale as this. Our idols are being shaken. Our trust levels are being confronted. Anything that is not of God is up for grabs.”

Anything not of God is up for grabs.

Profound. Everything we “know” of America is up for grabs. History is being wiped clean of anything deemed “culturally insensitive”. The triumph of the offended self is raging across our nation. If you are offended, you act. I’m not talking about the racial crisis, I’m speaking of something far deeper at work. There is a raging spirit of offense operating in society. It spreads through Facebook and Twitter. Young people are joining in on anything deemed offensive. To be offended is somehow a noble thing today. Politics is all out war. Media is fueling every bit of this.

A strong brother of mine recently said, “We don’t watch the news or have social media. After traveling all of America and meeting some of the nicest people, we decided all the negative press didn’t represent the true nature of our country. We were sick of watching a slanted and distorted view from a news outlet that was trying to “sell” us what they wanted us to buy (you pick the news outlet, they’re all in the same business).”

He’s spot on. What we’re seeing on MSNBC or Fox News is not the truth. It is spin. What we read on Facebook isn’t real – some young person in Silicon Valley (who is likely offended!) is deciding what you should see, what is “real” and what needs to be purged from their sites because it doesn’t fit with their view of the world.

The truth, the only Truth we have is God’s word. America is spinning out of control and you feel it, you know it. Something radical has changed since the first of the year when we first started talking about this storm coming. The pace of change in society since then is shocking and my friends, I’m afraid this is only the start. We may not know America a year from now but we will know God. He never changes. He is in absolute control.

Habakkuk cried out for God essentially saying, “Where are you? Why do you let this evil persist? How long must I cry out for help but you do not listen?” He asks, “Why do you tolerate wrong doing?”

God answered him, “Look and see and be astounded, for I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.”


God is working. In the midst of the statues being toppled, history being rewritten, cities being taken over by mobs, in the poison of the political wars … God is working. God frequently uses crazy situations for a greater good. His good.

Sarah said in the podcast (and this is important for each of us to ask about the state of our homes let alone our nation) – “There tends to be a cycle when God’s presence comes, He brings renewal and economic, political and social change. People turn to Him in this time of presence and abundance. But, over time, people forget and neglect God’s presence and turn away from Him. The more we turn away from God, the more His presence withdraws. His presence brings life. His absence brings death…

His presence brings life, His absence brings death.

Sarah Deutchser

Think of this in America – we’ve pushed God out of the schools and off TV. We’ve abandoned long held beliefs to adopt godless beliefs that society embraces. We welcome pornography, young children deciding they are the wrong sex, the LGBTQ lifestyle and we are now demanding churches embrace it, we’ve aborted tens of millions of babies out of a lifestyle “choice”. And let me say, when they are done toppling statues, they will turn their attention to the churches. God is offensive to them. Churches that “push” God are, in society’s eyes, pushing hatred, bigotry, homophobia, etc. Don’t be surprised to see legislation passed to remove the tax exempt status of any institution that does not embrace all these alternative lifestyles. Likewise, Christian radio and TV stations will lose their FCC license if they don’t embrace acceptance of all lifestyles. We’ve pushed God away and we can now feel the repercussions. How about your home? What are you watching? What entertains you? How about your children – what are they believing?

Sarah continues – “We’re in the crisis phase of the cycle that is a couple of hundred years in the making. It has seeped its way into the church. Could it be that God is calling His people and His church to give up their idols and turn back to Him?”

As we enter this phase of great social unrest and media frenzy, most of us feel a great deal of unrest. We fear for our nation and our children. Our call is to something different. God is working. God is sovereign and He is in total, absolute control. This world will not survive. America won’t remain the great world power. Our days are numbered – each of us. But God is working. We can rest assured in that. Sarah offered 5 thoughts from Habakkuk’s life …

  1. We should stand to look for and receive what God is saying. We should not run ahead and try to fix it (I will add – especially with the racial unrest).   Nor should we fall back and resign. We should be actively waiting.
  2. We should cry out and call upon God to move and renew
  3. We should embrace the invitation to patience – waiting for the appointed time for God’s move. Wait. It will happen. There is a day.
  4. We should enlarge our perspective – the whole earth will eventually be filled with the knowledge of God. God will have the final word. We trust that and we have a message to share with the world. But we should trust God – our efforts, our control, our quick fixes, our responses and reactions are only fuel for the eventual fire. He will do it. Not us.
  5. Lastly, this is a time for silence and hiddenness and rest. One of the biggest weapons we have is our silence. The LORD is saying He is in His holy temple. May all the earth be silent before Him.

becoming a king…

We have had two manschool zoom calls and it was good to see those of you who participated.  We will do more of these … but not every week and not this week.  If you have feedback on those sessions, please comment below.

I am sensitive to your time and I feel very strongly from the LORD that unless I have something which I believe to be weighty and meaningful to bring you, then we’re not going to set up a call.  I’m also sensitive to screen time – too much looking at these computers (which many of us are doing all day) is terrible for your soul.

In our last call, we talked about margin and how important margin is in our life.  Margin is that space between the load your carry and your limits.  For many of us, we’re carrying a far greater load than we have limit.  So, we asked last week – 1) how will you recover your margin?  and 2) how will you collect your attention (from being distracted in a thousand directions) and focus your affection on God?

Affection on God.

Adoring God.  Loving Him.  Sitting under His wings and marveling in His provision.  Thanking Him for the astounding beauty we are experiencing in our weather as we get outside and bask in His provision.  (do it now … it is going to be 94 degrees on Sunday)

I want to love God.  I want to be in love with God.  I want that Abba Father kind of relationship where I know, deep in my soul, that I am safe as a baby in His arms.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside the quiet waters. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life (Psalm 23)

When I walk through a fire, I will not be burned (Isaiah 43:2) 

The LORD will fight for you, you need only be still (Exodus 14:14)

I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.  (Isaiah 46:4)

What are you doing to create margin/space so you can begin to build your affection for God?

A key resource for you to invest in that I’ve been waiting a long time for…

Morgan Snyder with Ransomed Heart has written his first book and it comes out in about 10 days.  I strongly encourage you to get a copy and start digging through it.  I think this has the potential to be every bit as important as Wild at Heart has been. Morgan is an exceptional man.  He lives with an intention and a focus like no other man I know.  I have a copy of the book and it is great.  I’ve been under his teaching and instruction (as many of you have) for years.  He has much to say and it is powerful.  We’ll be showing the videos that accompany this and going through the material this fall at Manschool.  But you’re going to want the book and you’re going to want to invest the time to plow through it with intention.   You won’t be disappointed.  Books are on sale now at Amazon.

becoming a king

life in rocky soil…

Here is the video from today

passcode needed —- 1M!44L.7

I’ll give you 3 thoughts today.

What do you want?

Storms come.  They are an inevitable part of life in a fallen world.  Jesus told us we’d face hard times.  Paul talked about being afflicted, perplexed, persecuted and being struck down.  Times of difficulty are a given.  God works through them.  We went through a very significant storm in our family’s life 4-5 years ago.  It wasn’t a brief storm – it was 3-4 years in length.  God worked through that storm and used it to change me in some profound ways.  There were some things God needed to knock off me through that storm.  That storm forged me in fire.

In my career, I’ve been through 3-4 significant times of shaking.  One of the benefits of time is experience.  When this current crisis hit, I could draw upon my experience from the past.  This wasn’t new to me.  I’d been through them before and I grew through each one of them and had learned how to navigate them.  The storms shape us and make us stronger for the next one.

This storm we are in is shaping all of us.  God will use this storm to knock some things off you and to redirect your life in some areas … if … you are willing to allow Him.

Although, I must say, I think most of us just want this to be over and for life to go back to normal.

This one may be the beginning of the end.  We are seeing parts and pieces of things that could collapse the global economic system, usher in a global currency, a global government and other things that could be forerunners to Jesus’ return.

Or … this one might pass, and things might return to “normal” but let me ask you, where is it all heading in the end?  The end of the age is coming.  It may be soon, or it may come after we are all gone but eventually, the end of the age is coming, and Jesus is returning.

As mortals, we all know the end of our story is coming.  Our days are numbered.  Do you just want this storm to pass so you can have life back the way you had it?

So you won’t have to worry about this virus?  So your retirement account can go back to its all-time high value?  So you can just be comfortable again?  Is that the meaning of life for the believer?

What do we want in this?

What is it you most crave now?  Normalcy?  No fear?  A nice, comfortable life again?

This is a good question for you to ask in your time of reflection.  David in Psalm 139 cried out to God – “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns, see if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way.”

I’m finding myself more and more asking “what is it I want?  And, if that is what I want, why?  Why am I valuing that more than what it is God has for me in this storm?”

Rocky soil

Beth Moore was in Tuscany a while back and it was September and harvest season.  The workers were all in the fields harvesting crops, clipping fruit off the trees.  The driver said to her, “the grapes just love the rocky soil”.  She studied that and found him to be right.  The only time the vine produces the rich grapes is when it thinks it is threatened and not going to make it, so it reproduces.  The rocky soil doesn’t hold water, so the vine’s roots have to dig deep to find it.  It makes the vine stronger.  Otherwise, if the vine is an easy environment, it just produces tons and tons of leaves – all the outward, showy stuff and its roots run shallow.  But when it is stressed, when it thinks it isn’t going to make it, it digs deep, and it reproduces and it produces the rich grapes that make the best wine.

In the difficulty and the hard, hard stuff, when you get to that place of saying, “Oh Lord, if I don’t trust you through this, I’m not going to make it” … that is the time you will experience powerful growth.

This is where we find ourselves today.  The cushy soil we used to lay in that produced all those showy leaves but very little good fruit, is gone.  We’re now in the rocky soil.  We’re starved of nutrients.  If we want growth, we’ve got to go and dig for it.  Our roots must dig deep to find the water that will bring us life and that will produce in us rich fruit.

Creating margin for the habitat of your soul

Morgan Snyder talked last week about the spirit of this age.  Things we have been talking about – the busyness, the hurried, the technology, the insane pace of life, etc.  That we live in an age of more, more, more and faster and faster.  That the speed of travel, of information and computing power is growing exponentially.  Progress is devouring our margin.

Margin is the capacity between the load I carry and my limits.

If you have more load than your limit you get exhausted, distressed and you will breakdown.

The needs of your soul and the capacity of your soul has never changed.  The soul is what it is.  It runs at its ordained pace.  But this progress that is running faster and faster is consuming our margin.

And margin is the primary place where we cultivate our intimacy with God.  The place where we can give Him our attention and affection.  The urgency of this age takes our attention and divides our affection.  We have little time for God in the mania of trying to keep up with pace of the world … a pace our soul was not designed for.

So the question is – what are you doing to cultivate a habitat where your soul can thrive Said another way – what are you doing to slow down your pace so you can focus on creating an environment that is good for your soul?

We walk around carrying stress on our face.  We are always “on”.  Some of us run at 130% capacity.  It is a surefire way to burn out.  It is a surefire way to lose all joy in our life.

It is a process towards restoration.  One step at a time.  One thing you will give up or change about your life.  Find 3-4 things you’re going to change.  Choices you will make that will prioritize the time and how you spend it.  We gathered our family outside this weekend to run and play and shoot guns and ride a 4-wheeler, throw a football and watch a baby girl learn to walk.  It was holy time for me.  No agenda.  No time limits.  Beautiful day.  Just a time to play.


I need to make more choices than that one.  Things I will give up.  Things I will let go.  Success I will forgo because the cost to me is too high.  Pressures I need to release.  Duty and obligations that I need to release.  Freedoms I need to enjoy.  Mercies I need to accept.

Why?  So, I can dial my 130% down to 115%.  Just a few steps, a few agreements I need to let go, a few kindnesses I will accept so my soul can have some space to breathe.

And there is more.  115% isn’t good enough.  That’s still no margin.  It needs to get to 80% or 70% so there will be ample margin.  If you spend 130% of your income, you’re eventually going to go broke.  Same with 115%.  The pressure is huge.  But what if you spent only 70% of your income or 60%?  What if you had that much margin in your finances?  Imagine the freedom.  Imagine the lightness you’d feel.  It is the exact same way with what we’re talking about here today.

There is more work to do to get to that place where the habitat I’ve created has the room for my soul to thrive once again.  So that I can possess a lightness and a freedom to be who God created me to be — not the slave I am to this world.

It is back to that original question today – what is it you want right now?  For things to go back to normal, for work to come back, to be busy again, to get your comfort back?  Really?  That is what matters?  That’s why God is shaking the world so we can crave getting our comforts back?  Or, is there more?

Power over the present…

here is the video from today’s talk if you missed it.  Fast forward to about 9 mins in (the first 9 mins was just guys joining).  You will need a password to access it.  It is…  8J&.BRxq

We will do this again next week.  I’ll post the details later.

It was SO GOOD to see our Tribe again.  We can’t wait until we can do this again in person.

Man was not meant to do life alone and yet, here we are … forced into isolation.  The emotional toll on our nation is going to be far worse than the virus.  The average American is streaming 8 hours a day. 8 hours!  That cannot be good for your soul.

We’ve talked about this – this connection to our devices, the surge of iPhone usage and the advent of social media and now, Netflix, has warred against our souls.  With this virus, this problem is way worse than ever. 8 hours a day.  Amazing and sad.

Let me tell you a few things I’ve been doing as I’ve processed this. First, I’m not watching those daily press conferences.  I’m still going to work every day and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is sit down and watch two hours of the press and Trump battling it out.  I’m walking and listening to podcasts or I’m sitting outside on our porch.  Secondly, I am walking laps at my office 3-4 times a day.  5 minutes outside walking laps around our office complex does wonders for my soul during the workday.  Listening to the birds sing and staring at the bright green trees and a clear blue sky is restorative to me.

Teddy Roosevelt used to go outside at night and stare at the stars and he’d remember just how big the universe is and he would say to himself, “And now we know that we are small, and we can go to bed.”  Perspective helps.  It does help to realize just how small we are -especially when we think it is up to us to fix all the problems.  The more I’m outside and the more I focus on the bigness of creation, the better off I am.

 And that’s the point of why I’m going outside during my workday – it is to forcibly remind me that I’m not in control of the chaos in the economy.  It reminds me that God is way bigger than any of this.  He’s in control of all of it.  My daily work walks are an act of surrendering control and they have been a real rescue for me.

I also am playing the one-minute pause app on my walks, usually once or twice a day – the 5 minute version to hear John say over and over, “Jesus, I give everyone and everything to you Lord.”

A wise older man told me in the worst of this crisis a quote he relied on many times in his life,

“If you don’t have any hope in the future, you can have no power over the present”.

We must – as believers – keep our hope in the future.  Our future is totally secure. 100%. Resting in the absolute assuredness of my hope in Jesus and eternity gives me the power I need to navigate the present.  This virus may kill me.  This economic collapse might wipe me out and take away everything I own.  It doesn’t matter.  In the end, I win.  My hope isn’t in preserving my life.  None of us will do that.  Every one of us will die.  My hope also isn’t in the things of this world.  None of us will take anything with us.  Our hope is in eternity and it rests solely and confidently in Jesus walking out of that grave.

One day at a time

Two reminders from our past sessions – God’s mercies are new every morning and each day has enough trouble of its own.

Where we stand today, it is very wise for us to remember the mercies God has bestowed upon us.  They come every day.  We have to look for them.  It would be good idea for you to keep a gratitude journal – write down the blessings of each day.  They can be small.  But write them down.  A beautiful blue sky and 75-degree weather.  That our homes were spared in the storms.  That we remain healthy.  That our children are safe. That we all haven’t lost our jobs – though some of us on this call today have.  That we got a compliment today.  That we can get outside today after work and enjoy creation.  That the sun will come up tomorrow and His mercies will come again tomorrow.  Focus on the daily bread He gives you.  It will help you deal with the panic.

Secondly, we must stay in the present.  Today has enough trouble of its own.  “He makes me lie down in green pastures.”  In other words, there are days and times when God says, “stop”.  He says just take this day and deal with it.  Lay down in that green pasture and rest.  Don’t worry about tomorrow.  This is such a time as that.  We’ve all been told to “stop”.  All we need to do now is just rest in the present.  We need to stop playing out the worse-case scenarios of the future.  This current crisis has all sorts of ways it may play out.  Most of those scenarios will not come to pass.  That’s in the future. We cannot control the future.  One day at a time.  Tomorrow will take care of itself – if you rush out ahead of this and try to control the possible outcomes of tomorrow, you will get taken out.  It does your soul no good to worry over tomorrow.

I want to recommend two resources for you …

Ransomed Heart podcast from Monday April 20 – “Don’t miss this moment”.

Louie Giglio’s sermon from Sunday entitled “It’s OK to freak out”.

Both will be very helpful to you.


This whole thing is completely surreal.  It’s like a movie playing out right before our eyes.  I’ll write more on that soon but for now, I want to call our Tribe to a prayer.

The Ten Commandments was on the other night.  I am always struck watching those plagues fall down on Egypt.  Can you imagine what that was like to live through?  Plague after plague fell down upon Egypt as Pharaoh tightened his grip, hardened his heart and refused to back down to Moses and God.

As you know the story, God sent the angel of death down to claim the first born son of Egypt.  Israel was instructed to sacrifice a lamb and spread his blood over their door ways so the angel would pass over their homes.  A foreshadowing of Jesus.

So, here we find ourselves this week – this Passover, this Easter week – with our government declaring it will be the week of greatest pain for Americans as we work towards an eventual death toll of 100,000-200,000 Americans.


What if?

What if a mighty work of God is about to happen these next two weeks across America? What if all the believers in America stood together, united in one common declaration that we will not accept this fate.  That God Almighty will move in a mighty way and PASS OVER America at this juncture.  That when this is all said and done, the scientists and experts will be at a complete loss to explain why the numbers came in FAR BELOW their estimates of 100-200,000 deaths.

And, that through this, an awakening can begin in America.  God is shaking our nation. He’s using this virus to get our attention.  For many non-believers, this may be one of their last remaining chances to turn away from their idols and to turn towards God as their one and only hope.

There will come a day when something like this starts and there will be no second chances.  Jesus will be returning.

So, let’s pray.  Let us PROCLAIM … this will not stand.  This will not happen in America.  A miracle is coming.  A salvation.  A restoration.  A PASS OVER.  Easter.  Resurrection.  Hope!

what do I want?

The world as we know it has been disrupted.  Some things may never be the same – certainly for those that will lose loved ones and jobs and businesses as a result of this virus.  We are now isolated and locked down for another 30 days.  Schools are closed. Moms are struggling with a new paradigm of kids at home, working from home and dealing with the fear of the unknown.

We suddenly worry about our business.  We worry about our 401k’s and retirement plans.  We worry about our mortgage and our security.  We worry about our children and our grandchildren and their futures.

So, the question is “what is it that you want now?”  

Some of us just want life to go back to normal.  We crave normalcy, kids back at school, church back in session, business back to normal, fear to be removed, uncertainty taken away, etc.  We just want it to go away.

Others of us want our wealth back.  We want our retirement plans restored to their all-time highs of six weeks ago.  We don’t want to worry about money like we’re doing now.  We just want all our money back.

Others of us crave comfort – we just want our nice, Southern, comfortable life back.  You know – where we don’t worry about all this things and we are just kind of blissfully ignorant.  Sure, we know there are a lot of problems in this life and this world but they kind of seem “out there” or “over there” or “not me”.  Now this thing has landed in our lap and we have no comfort and we want our comfort back.

All of us have a few things right now that we’re craving – things we just wish we could get back.  Things, that if we could get them back, we’d be happy.


God is shaking America and He is waking us up to just how much we value these idols of normalcy, comfort, security and wealth.

When these creature comforts are taken away from us, we realize just how in bondage we are to them for our happiness.  We cling to things not so much because we necessarily “love” them but rather, we are terrified of losing them.

Writer Gerald May said this – “Regardless of how a compulsion appears externally, underneath it is always robbing us of our freedom.  We act not because we have chosen to, but because we have to.  We cling to things, people, beliefs, and behaviors not because we love them, but because we are terrified of losing them.  The classic spiritual term for this compulsive condition is attachment… Each of us has countless attachments.  We are attached to our daily routines, our environments, our relationships, and of course our possessions.  We are also attached to our religious beliefs and to our images of ourselves, others, and God…  In a spiritual sense, the objects of our attachments and addictions become idols.  We give them our time, energy, and attention whether we want to or not, even – and often especially – when we are struggling to rid ourselves of them.  We want to be free, compassionate, and happy, but in the face of our attachments we are clinging, grasping, and fearfully self-absorbed.  This is the root of our trouble.”

We will say more on this in coming posts.  We will end it with this again = what is it that you want right now?  Ask yourself that.  Get alone and sit.  Listen.  Sit on your porch in the evening or early morning.  Sit on your driveway as the sun sets.  Leave your phone inside.  Just sit and commune with God.  Ask God.  Ask Him what it is that you’re craving and very importantly, why.

Some of the idols we most crave have been/are being taken away from us.  What are you left with?  Who are you on the other side of losing those things you thought defined you?

God is shaking us for a reason.  What is it that you want?


how we navigate this…

I miss our Tribe.  We now see the deep value of manschool when it is taken away from us.  God is shaking this world.  We knew a storm was coming and wow.  Just wow.  We need to realize, this could just be the tip.  If we think this is rough, we cannot fathom was real hardship is like.  We can’t imagine a total collapse of the global economy.  We can’t imagine no food in the stores vs. the current “crisis” of limited chicken and toilet paper.

God is breaking the strongholds over America.  We worship sports – there is no more sports.  We idolize athletes.  Where are they now?  We love rock and roll and country music and there are no more concerts.  Hollywood dictates so much of American culture and the movie theatres are closed.  We love money and put our worth in the value of our retirement plans – they are down 30-40% in a month.

The things we love, the things we idolize, the things we put our faith and trust and self-worth in are being taken away from us.

God is shaking this nation to its core.  Make NO mistake, God is moving through this virus.  He takes messes and makes them miracles all the time.  He’s done it before and He’ll do it again.

Max Lucado said this morning – “God is going to use this mess for something good.  He always does.  Don’t be foolish or naive but don’t despair either.  Defy despair.  Keep it out of the house.”

I love that … DEFY DESPAIR.  For me, personally, that was powerful medicine.  I’m not giving into this fear.  Hope is critical at times like these.  I’m watching a story on the Battle of Britain right now – Churchill told them, “we shall never give up”.  Hope.

How you handle this will be determined by what you input into your mind + how you process what you’re dealing with.  Those two things will determine the output you get. It starts with what you input.  For goodness sakes … turn the news off!  I had to walk out of the room tonight and go into another room and close the doors so I didn’t have to listen to the nightly press update by the President.  It’s just too much.  It does my soul no good.  I and I alone control what I take into my mind and soul.  Men, guard your hearts.

Two quick tips and then we’re done…  

Max Lucado said this short thing helps him navigate life’s difficult situations …

C – celebrate God’s goodness – remind yourself of everything good God is and has done.

A – Ask God for help – stop and ask Him … a lot.

L – leave your concerns with God – “Jesus, I give everyone and everything to You.”

M – meditate on good things – every single day through this storm, write down a few good things that happened to you that day.

Last thing from John Mark Comer today …

Starting tonight or tomorrow, start writing your “rule of life”.  Your personal game plan. here is a quick template …

  1. Start tomorrow and each day in quiet before you ever look at a screen or turn on any noise.  Start before the family gets up.  Quiet.  15 minutes.  Something.  Time with God.  Read Joshua.  Read the Proverb for the day.  Or just sit and listen.  Breathe.  Talk to God.
  2. Have a gratitude ritual – similar to above, write down a few things every day you are grateful for.  Focus on those.
  3. Exercise – deal with the wave of anxiety crushing down on you through your body – sweat it out.  Walk, run, lift weights, exert energy.
  4. A focal practice – meaning find something that requires great focus on your part – do a puzzle, play a challenging mind game, woodwork, garden, build something.  Disconnect from the 24/7 news on the virus and pour your mind and hands into something that will focus your entire being.
  5. Relational touch points – it is hard to do in a time of social distancing but build relationships.  Call someone and check on them.  Drop by and stand in the driveway and talk (ten feet apart)!
  6. Limit news – limit what you watch to 1-2x a day of getting brief updates.  Do NOT sit in front of the TV watching the scrolling news coverage.
  7. Limit all screen time – if you are working from home, you have downtime.  Don’t fill that up with time on your phone or Netflix.

God has said “STOP” to America.  Too many of us work too hard and have no margin. Now, all of a sudden, we have time.  How will you spend it?  Will these next few weeks establish new patterns in your life and your family?  Will you develop a rule for life? Will you change the way your run your days from now on?  Will you read the Word more than ever and find a hunger for it that lasts for the rest of your life once things return to normal?

We will get though this.  We want to come out on the other side of this better than we went into it.  God has allow this for a reason.  He has much work He wants to do in you and me in this time.  Pay attention.  God is moving.

what are we to do with this?

Reminder – manschool has been cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the virus.  

I talked to Bart Hanson today at Ransomed Heart.  He’s been going across the country visiting with supporters and his report was encouraging .  The folks he’s talking to are calm and at peace.  They know God is in control of this and that none of this is a surprise to the LORD.  Bart reiterated what I’ve been feeling all week – that this virus is a fabulous time to spread the Gospel.  Many of the people you know are hanging on by a thread swamped with worry.  Fear is running rampant.  Fear is a foul spirit and it is doing a ton of damage but in that damage, there is a wide-open door for God to move.

Brothers, you possess a peace that surpasses all understanding.  You possess an inner strength, forged in fire, that your faith has given you.  That is a precious commodity these days.  Those around you need your strength.  Your co-workers who are freaked out about their 401k or worried about their job or fearful of the virus need the calm and strength that you can give.  That strength is from God and they will see it.  They will ask you about it and you will have an incredible opportunity to explain to them why it is you are not fearful.  A recent study asked Americans “Being realistic what are the things you think can control in life?”  After studying the responses, it was determined that we actually can control only about 15% of those things we “think” we control.  It is times like this that we realize just how little “control” we have over anything in this life.

But we don’t have to worry over the things we can’t control.  We know where our peace rests.  We know the assurance of Jesus.  We know the price He paid our freedom.

Rejoice!  Smile.  Reflect the light of God’s glory in this dark world spinning out of control. We have hope, eternal hope and it is glorious.

With clear eyes and a full heart, we cannot lose.