Carver is this Thursday evening

The Carver football banquet is this Thursday at 6pm at CCC (the official start time is 6:30).  We could use a few more men to help be there for the meal and more specifically for the clean up afterwards.  Clean up won’t take long and the more men we have the faster we can knock it out.  Need 2-3-4 more men.  If you can help, comment below.

Derrick touched on this in the sermon yesterday – this Carver ministry is one of the coolest things we do at CCC.  We intersect two communities – mostly white men engaging with young black men on their turf, at their school.  We love on them and they love on us back.  To this day, I still run into young men from prior years at Carver that stop me in restaurants or in stores to tell me how much they appreciate what we did for them when they were there.  How cool is that?

It is true that we are blessed to give than to receive and no ministry I’ve been involved with has blessed me more than Manschool and Carver.  Excurvatus Ex Se – live outward and truly live!


Carver football banquet in TEN days!

Wow, we’ve gotta get moving!  Christ Community will host the Carver High Football banquet on Thursday night, January 10th.  We need a number of men to help us pull this off.  It’s a great opportunity to interact with the team and their family and the coaches.  Carver had a remarkable season under Coach Joyner.  He rebuilt the staff and transformed the players and the results were impressive.

Because that is Prayer Week at CCC, we will have a unique set up/clean up.

We have 3 places you can serve…

Set up will be Thursday January 10th at noon.  We need 6-7 men to come to help us move tables and chairs and set the room up for the meal.

That evening, we need about 10 men there to serve as greeters/servers – please wear dark pants and a white dress shirt.  The meal starts at 6:30.  Please be at the church at 5:30pm.

We don’t expect a huge crowd because Coach is trying to manage how many folks come.  So, we’re going to try to clean up and move chairs, etc. after the meal.  We think it may take 45 minutes.  We need 10 men there for clean up/put back.  If you will be a server at the meal and can stay to clean up, notate that in your response.  If you just want to come for clean up, be at the church at 8:15pm.

So… will you help?   6-7 men at noon Thursday.  10 men to serve/greet.  10+ men to clean up.  We should be done by 9:30pm and we will bless a lot of folks.

Please leave a comment below about your willingness to help and where.  Thank you!

Great music, great entertainment …

Friday September 21, 2018  6:30pm


A night of wholesome entertainment and talent sharing within the body of Christ.

Get to know, listen and sing along to the songs of the gifted and talented brothers and sisters from our local and surrounding churches.

Located at 1342 17th Street, Columbus, Ga. at The Fort Church

Doors open at 6:30pm. $5.00 per person admission will be received.

For more information email Vic Feliciano at for details.

(All proceeds to benefit Brown Bag of Columbus ministry)

manschool tomorrow!

Manschool resumes tomorrow morning!  We cannot wait to resume gathering as Tribe to fight for LIFE.  We’re going to go after it hard this fall.  We will push.  It’ll be a little uncomfortable at times but it will be real and if you will commit to invest in the process, I believe you will be blessed.

If you have never tried it, come!

6am – 7:30 am in the Milgen Room.

Funeral Service for RJ Cummings

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The service for Carver’s RJ Cummings will be held this Saturday at 11am at Christ Community.  RJ graduated last year and played linebacker for Carver as well as basketball.  He was heading to Iowa to play football this fall but tragically, he was struck down by a bullet last Friday night.

The Carver family is in mourning.  We’ve been with the team this week, speaking to the team as a group and talking a good bit with Coach Arnold.

If you would like to support the Carver team and RJ’s family, please try to attend the service on Saturday.

Our work at Carver is never done.  We’ve only scratched the surface.  There is so much more we can be doing to impact these kids for Christ.  RJ’s death, while tragic, is also an opening for God to move upon the lives of this team.  In the human sense, his loss is a waste of a life but no tragedy is ever wasted with God.  He always moves.  He is sovereign.  He IS good.

Let’s support them on Saturday.

Remembering Lonny Arrington